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Art Quilts




 6 Pack Shame

6 Pack Shame

2017 W 40cm (16") x L 100cm (39½")

Cotton, organza and felt fabric, Hand and Machine embroidered and hand beaded. Machine Quilted

Creative Use of Colour at AQIPP (Australian Quilts in Public Places) 2017



6 Pack Shame detail 1 

6 Pack Shame detail 2

6 Pack Shame detail 3 



 The Bleaching

The Bleaching

2017 W 127cm (50") x L 80cm (31½")

Cotton, organza and felt fabric, Hand and Machine embroidered and hand beaded. Machine Quilted

1st Pictorial at Vic Quilters Showcase 2017

Excellence in Emboidery and Embellishment at Vic Quilters Showcase 2017

Finalist in Houston USA 2017


 The Bleaching detail 1

The Bleaching detail 2

The bleaching detail 3


Life on the Reef

Life on the Reef


2016. W 40cm (16") x H 100cm (39")

Cotton, organza and felted fabric. Hand embroidered and beaded, machine thread-painted and machine quilted.

Juried into the A Matter of Time exhibition.








Life on the Reef detail

Life on the Reef detail
Life on the Reef detail
Life on the Reef detail





2015 W 97cm(38") H 63cm(25")

Needle-felted wool, thread-painting, hand embroidered and machine Quilted

Juried and exhibited in AQIPP Light and Life exhibition 2015

2nd Prize Pictorial at Sydney Quilt Show 2016


Firelight detail

Firelight detail
Firelight detail
Firelight detail




Under the Sea

Under the Sea

2015 W 40cm(16") x H 100cm(39")

Cotton, organza, silk and wool fabric. machine thread-painting, Hand and machine embroidery and machine quilted.

2nd place in The World of Texture, Berry NSW 2015


Under the Sea detail

Under the Sea detail

Under the Sea detail
Under the Sea detail




Reflections Series



Pelican 2013


Flamingo 2014

Leaving Napier

Leaving Napier 2014


Balance in the Wetlands

Balance in the Wetlands 2015




I belong to Waverley Art Quilters and every month we study a different artist or technique. I have made many small art quilts 12" x 16" inspired by our studies.



Florence Broadhurst

Florence.jpg - large

 Florence 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

StarryNight-600px.jpg - large

 Starry Night 2012

Georgia OKeeffe

GeorgiaOKeeffe.jpg - large

Daisy 2011

Paul Klee 

KleeCropped.jpg - large

 Klee(Castle and Sun) 2011

Pablo Picasso

Picasso.jpg - large

 (Weeping Woman) 2011

Margaret Olley

MargaretOlley.jpg - large

 Still Life Daisies 2010

Gustav Klimt

Klimt_Web.jpg - large

Klimt Study 2009


Monetresized.jpg - large

Morning with Monet 2010


Monet's Waterlily 2013

Clarice Cliff

Clarice Cliff 2013

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The Rose 2013


Hundertwasser's Flowers 2015




Silk Challenge

SilkChallenge600px.jpg - large

Nouveau Bird 2012

Inspiration from Image

InspirationfromImage2.jpg - large

Red Leaves 2012

Art Nouveau

ArtNouveauBeaded.jpg - large

Art Nouveau 2011

Art Deco

ArtDeco.jpg - large

Art Deco 2010

Mono Printing

Flinders Street Station 2014

Flinders Street Station 2014



Papercopy.jpg - large

Afternoon Tea 2011


Metal.jpg - large

Medieval Metal 2011


Ancient.jpg - large

Easter Island Parade 2010


Chair and Guitar

Chair and Guitar 2013


In 2009 I used Seasons as my theme and was experimenting with different backgrounds


Spring.jpg - large

Spring 2009

Summer.jpg - largeSummer 2009

Fire.jpg - large

Fire 2009


Autumn.jpg - large

Autumn Collage 2009

Autumn2.jpg - large

Autumn 2009

Winter.jpg - large

Winter 2009

Winter2.jpg - large

Winter 2 2009


In 2008 the Waverley Art Quilters studied the book called The Art Quilting Workbook by Jane Davila and Elin Waterston. We decided to pick a motif to work with and I chose a leaf.


33LeafStudy1.jpg - large34LeafStudy2.jpg - large35StrawberryCollage.JPG - large

36AutumnLeaves2.jpg - large

37Rose.JPG - large38Leafstudy4.jpg - large39LeafStudy5.JPG - large

40Shells.JPG - large