Crazy Quilts



 A Time for all Seasons

A Time for all Seasons


75" x 75" (191cm x 191cm)

Time marches on and the seasons change but sometimes we are too busy to notice how beautiful nature is.

Hand embroidered and hand appliqued crazy quilt using silk and cotton fabrics and threads.

Machine Quilted by me on a domestic sewing machine

Viewer's Choice World Quilt Show USA 2018

Viewer's Choice Waverley Patchworkers 2018

1st Victorian Quilters Showcase 2016

Runner up to Best of Show Vic Quilters Showcase 2016

Excellence in Emboidery and Embellishment-Vic Quilters Showcase 2016

Finalist Houston (USA) Quilt Festival 2016


 Autumn late


Winter Rain 



Christmas Crazy


44" x 61" (113cm x 162cm)


Hand embroidered Crazy Quilt using silk fabric for the crazy quilting blocks and cotton fabric for the background.

Machine quilted by me on my domestic sewing machine.


1st Victorian Quilters Showcase 2013

Excellence in Embroidery and Embellishment- Vic Quilters 2013

Finalist in Houston Quilt Festival 2013

Finalist in AQS Paducah 2014

Honourable Mention Traditional- World Quilt Show 2014

Viewer's Choice- Waverley Patchworkers 2014


 Crazy about Christmas detail

Crazy about Christmas detail

Crazy about Christmas detail

Crazy about Christmas detail





LindaSteele_EasternE1.jpg - large

Eastern Elements

79.5" x 80.5" (202cm x 205cm)

A contemporary crazy quilt depicting elements of the Asian culture.

All embroidery and motifs were made using the free motion machine thread painting technique.


Commercial cotton and silk and hand dyed silk fabric.

Machine quilted with silk and metallic thread.


 Best of Show Victorian Quilters Showcase 2010


Excellence in embroidery and embellishment. Victorian Quilters Showcase 2010

Honorable Mention in IQA Houston USA 2010

Best of Australia in World Quilt Show. USA 2012


Eastern Elements detail

Eastern Elements detail
Eastern Elements detail
Eastern Elements detail



StarCrazy600px.jpg - large

Star Crazy


79" x 79" (200cm x 200cm)


A contemporary crazy quilt made by machine depicting the signs of the zodiac.

All embroidery and motifs are free motion machine thread painted.


Cotton, rayon, poly and silk thread.

machine quilted with silk thread.

Best of Show Victorian Quilters Showcase 2009

Finalist IQA Houston 2011

Finalist AQS Paducah 2011

Star Crazy detail

Star Crazy detail
Star Crazy detail
Star Crazy detail



CrazyaboutGardens.jpg - large

Crazy about Gardens


39" x 39" (100cmx 100cm)

After making many crazy quilts by hand, I thought I would try and make a crazy quilt with the sewing  machine using free motion embroidery instead of the programmed stitches.

Cotton, rayon and polyester threads.

Machine quilted with silk thread.


Chosen for the Down Under Quilts Magazine 2008 Calendar.


Crazy about gardens detail

Crazy about Gardens detail
Crazy about Gardens detail
Crazy about Gardens detail



Crazy about Spring

Crazy About Spring.


64ins x 50ins (163cm x 127cm)


Crazy Quilt made by machine using free-motion embroidery for motifs and the seam stitching. Hand beaded and machine quilted.


Honorable Mention in IQA 'Celebrate Spring' Chicago 2008.


Crazy about Spring detail

Crazy about Spring detail 2



15CrazyaboutBallet.jpg - large

Crazy about Ballet


73" x 73" ( 188cm x 188cm)


A hand embroidered Crazy quilt with each block depicting a different ballet.


Giselle, Swan lake, The Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, La Fille Mal Gardee, Don Quixote, La Sylphide, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.


Hand embroidered with cotton and silk thread.

Machine quilted with silk thread.


Viewer's Choice Award Waverley Patchworkers 2008.


1st Place Embellishment Category IQA Houston USA 2009.

 Included in the 500 Traditional Quilts Book


Crazy about Ballet detail

Crazy about Ballet detail
Crazy about Ballet detail
Crazy about Ballet detail







Quilting All Over the World

87" x 87" (219cm x 219cm)



Hand Embroidered Crazy Quilt, Domestic Machine Quilted

Quilt featuring countries from around the world. Countries represented are Australia, 

North America, South America, China, Japan, South Africa, Egypt, England and India


2nd Innovative (amateur) Victorian Quilters 2005

2nd Viewer's Choice Victorian Quilters 2005

1st Viewer's Choice Waverley Patchworkers 2006

1st Mixed Techniques IQA Houston USA 2007

Viewer's Choice Glen Waverley Rotary Show 2009

Quilting all over the World detail 





Crazy about Australia

Crazy about Australia


60" x 60" (153cm x 153cm)


Hand embroidered crazy quilt celebrating life in Australia

Machine quilted on a domestic machine

1st First Time Entrant - Victorian Quilters 2004

Viewer's Choice - Victorian Quilters 2004

Crazy about Australia detail